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Step into Aldaar Restaurant and prepare for a delightful Yemeni feast. Warm your soul with a hearty Fahsah, a lamb stew simmered in a symphony of spices – fenugreek whispers earthiness, chilies ignite the senses, and tender meat falls apart at the touch. Scoop up the ruby broth with mallowah, Yemeni bread so pillowy it melts on your tongue. Every bite transports you to bustling markets, the aroma of grilling spices hanging in the air.

But Aldaar's bounty extends far beyond Fahsah. Dive into vibrant Mandi, slow-cooked chicken infused with cardamom and saffron, its skin glistening with golden fat. Crispy Foul Medames, mashed fava beans spiked with garlic and lemon, tantalizes your taste buds, while fluffy Balaho, potato pancakes, offer a comforting counterpoint. For a vegetarian delight, savor the creamy Hummus bil Lahm, a hearty blend of chickpeas and meat, or explore the medley of roasted vegetables in Salata. Aldaar is a love letter to Yemeni cuisine, inviting you to discover the depth and diversity of each dish, one flavorful bite at a time.


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